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Private William LaPointe is a minor character and a Marine in John Basilone's regiment.


LaPointe first appears in Part Two, accompanying sergeants John Basilone, J.P Morgan, Manuel Rodriguez and other Marines in pilfering the supplies and belongings of the newly-arrived Army regiment on Guadalcanal. After an overnight Japanese artillery bombardment, he is rescued, along with Pvt. Cecil Evans and two others, by Basilone from the ruins of their foxhole.

At the Battle for Henderson Field, LaPointe is initially tasked with helping Basilone man his machine gun. Upon hearing of Morgan's position being overrun, Basilone takes LaPointe and Evans to reinforce. Along the way, they run into a number of Japanese infantrymen breaking through the line. With the help of LaPointe and Evans, Basilone is able to kill four enemy soldiers with his sidearm. At Morgan's position, LaPointe bears witness to Basilone single-handedly shooting down several enemy soldiers and risking his life to give Morgan a clear field of fire. As Basilone retreats to acquire more ammunition, LaPointe and Evans remain at the position to man the machine gun with Morgan.


LaPointe (far right) eating rations.

LaPointe survives the battle along with the three others. He is last seen eating military rations as Evans falls asleep. He presumably joins his fellow Marines to Melbourne; however, his ultimate fate is unknown.

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