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Vera Leckie (née Keller) is a minor character and the primary love interest and future wife of Robert Leckie.


Vera Keller was born in 1924, in New Jersey. For most of her childhood, her mother warned her about Robert Leckie, he was troublesome. Vera really didn't know Robert personally, but she did know that he was a little rebellious.

On December 8, 1941, she went to go shopping. However, she decided to go and pray at church instead, since America had made the decision to enter the war the day before. As she headed to the church, she was greeted by Leckie as he left St. Mary's Church. They had a brief conversation where Leckie promised that he would write to her every day while at war. Vera enters the church, and Leckie leaves for the Marines the following night.

After the WarEdit

However, Vera doesn't receive any letters, and she does not hear from Leckie for some time. When Leckie returns, he finds out that Vera has been dating an Army officer named Charles Dunworthy. Leckie eventually wins her over and they have a date where Leckie reveals the fate of his letters: at the time he believed he wouldn't survive the war, so the letters eventually ended up being washed away in Cape Gloucester, lost forever.

Leckie and Vera continue dating, and they eventually marry some time later. They have three children, David, Geoff, and Joan, and they lived together for many years until Leckie's death in 2001.

Vera and Joan were later interviewed for The Pacific. Vera and Joan told them of how Leckie would be screaming at night from his nightmares of his time in the Pacific. "It lasted his entire life" Vera concluded.


  • Vera is one of the three main girls of the series.
  • Despite that, Vera is not mentioned at any time in Leckie's memoirs.

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