Type 92 a

Japanese forces are armed with the Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun, as they prepare to engage the Marines at the Peleliu airfield in Part 6.

The Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun (九二式重機関銃 Kyūni-shiki jū-kikanjū) was a Japanese machine gun in production from 1932 to 1945. It was the most widely used japanese Heavy machine gun in the Second World War. The Allied nickname was Woodpecker because of the sound it made when firing and the relatively slow rate of fire.

The weapon entered service in 1932 and was the standard Japanese heavy machine gun used during World War II. It was used extensively by the Imperial Japanese Army and Collaborationist Chinese forces.

Usage by the JapaneseEdit

Almost every squad of the Japanese army had a Type 92. It is normally seen firing from bunkers and one time by a Japanese soldier on Peleliu airfield in Part 6 of the series.