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War Miniseries

Written by

Bruce McKenna

Robert Schenkkan

Graham Yost

George Pelecanos

Larry Andries

Michelle Ashford

Directed by

Tim Van Patten

David Nutter

Jeremy Podeswa

Graham Yost

Carl Franklin

Tony To

Produced by

Steven Spielberg (executive)

Tom Hanks (executive)

Gary Goetzman (executive)

Tony To (co-executive)

Graham Yost (co-executive)

Eugene Kelly (co-executive)

Bruce McKenna (co-executive)

Cherylanne Martin

Todd London

Steven Shareshian

Tim Van Patten (supervising)

George Pelecanos (co-producer)

Robert Schenkkan (co-producer)


James Badge Dale
Joseph Mazzello
Jon Seda

Music by

Hans Zimmer

Geoff Zanelli

Blake Neely


United States

United Kingdom




Original Channel


Original run

March 14, 2010 - May 16, 2010

The Pacific is a 10-part miniseries produced by HBO, DreamWorks SKG, Playtone and Seven Network Australia. It is the main subject of this Wiki. Its first episode premiered in the United States on March 14, 2010.


The Pacific is based primarily on the memoirs of two U.S. Marines, With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa by Eugene Sledge and Helmet for My Pillow by Robert Leckie. The mini-series follows the experiences of the two authors and Marine John Basilone during the Pacific Theater of World War II. It also draws on Sledge's China Marine and the memoir of Chuck Tatum: Red Blood, Black Sand as a Marine who fought alongside Basilone on Iwo Jima.


The Pacific Trailer (HBO)

The trailer that announced the series

The miniseries features well-known battles with Japan involving the 1st Marine Division - and briefly the 5th Marine Division - such as Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa, as well as Basilone's involvement in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Hugh Ambrose wrote the official tie-in book to the miniseries, which follows the stories of the three men featured in the mini-series as well as stories of their fellow Marines. It was published in the USA in March 2010.

Opening Sequence[]

While the theme "Honor” plays, after the opening titles, we see a piece of paper having a line being drawn upon


The Pacific Theme Intro

The opening sequence

by a piece of charcoal. Eventually, you see it drawing sketches of marines that evolve into black and white sequences occasionally. This is repeated throughout the sequence until you see a marine carrying a wounded on his back before the screen fades to black and specifies the episode number.


John Basilone, as well as the other two main characters were real people.

The main characters are Sledge (Joseph Mazzello), Leckie (James Badge Dale), and Basilone (Jon Seda). The show is notable for having fewer major characters than its predecessor, Band of Brothers, which had a rather large ensemble cast. This is because the series primarily just focuses on those three characters' points of view.

Sledge's Storyline[]

From Sledge's storyline, there are characters such as Cpl. Merriel "Snafu" Shelton (Rami Malek) a cocky Cape Gloucester veteran, Sgt. Romus Valton "R.V" Burgin (Martin McCann) Sledge's Platoon Sergeant, Pfc. Bill Leyden (Brendan Fletcher) and Pfc. Robert Oswalt (Andrew Lees) fellow new recruits, Leyden's a Colonel Rifleman in a different Platoon than Sledge's, and Oswalt's in Sledge's squad, but he gets KIA in episode 6.

Also from Sledge's storyline are Capt. Andrew "Ack Ack" Haldane (Scott Gibson) their Captain in Peleliu, Lt. Edward "Hillbilly" Jones (Leon Ford) an aid to Haldane, Pfc. Jay De L'Eau (Dylan Young) another Cape Gloucester veteran in Sledges squad, Cpl. Charles "Red" Womack (John Reynolds) a notable figure in the 1st Marine Division but a relatively minor character in the series, and GySgt. Elmo "Gunny" Haney (Gary Sweet) an older Marine, and WWI veteran who commands Sledges Platoon at Peleliu.

In Okinawa, Haney's Platoon commander replacement, 2Lt. Robert "Mac" "Scotty" Mackenzie (Ashley Zuckerman), is introduced, as well as new soldiers Pvt. Hamm (Noel Fisher) and Pvt. Tony "Kathy"Peck (Christopher Foy), who are in Sledge's Platoon until both are removed in different ways.

Sledge's father, Dr. Edward Sledge Sr. (Conor O' Farrell) makes a couple of appearances as tending to Sledge for his heart murmur. Sledge's mother, Mary Frank Sledge (Linda Cropper), also makes a few appearences.

Leckie's Storyline[]

From Leckie's storyline, his main friends are Pfc./Cpl./Pfc. Lew "Chuckler" Juergens (Josh Helman), Pfc. Bill "Hoosier" Smith (Jacob Pitts), and Pfc. Wilbur "Bud" "Runner" Conley (Keith Nobbs), each Machine Gunners in the same squad, all of whom survive the war along with him.

Other characters include Pfc. Ronnie "Kid" Gibson (Tom Budge) a Marine in a different Platoon commited to a medical prison, Lt. Hugh "Ivy League" Corrigan (Henry Nixon) Leckie's former Platoon commander, now company commander, PM1. Stern (Simon Bossell) Leckie's platoon corpsman, 2nd Lt. "Spiermint" Stone (Toby Leonard Jones) Leckie's squad commander, Vera Keller (Caroline Dhavernas) Leckie's friend and future wife, and Stella (Claire Van der Boom) who serves as his love interest in Melbourne.

Basilone's Storyline[]

From Basilone's storyline, his best friends are Sgt. J.P Morgan (Joshua Biton) and Sgt. Manuel "Manny" Rodriguez (Jon Bernthal), each NCO's in the same Platoon, the latter of the two being Killed in Action on Guadalcanal.

Another major character is LtCol./Col. Lewis "Chesty" Puller (William Sadler), who commands the Basilones Battalion. Basilone's love interest and eventual wife is Sgt. Lena Mae Riggi Basilone (Anna Parisse) a female marine who he meets during his return to the marines.

He also meets Pfc. Clifford "Steve" Evanson (Dwight Braswell) and Pfc. Charles "Chuck" Tatum (Ben Esler) who he makes into a machine gun squad that he commands prior to and in Iwo Jima.

Other Characters[]

Pfc. Sidney "Sid" Phillips Jr. (Ashton Holmes) a mortarman who appears both in Sledge's and Leckie's storyline. His changes between the 1st and 5th episodes go from subtle to the point where he has lost his innocence and idealism. He is later seen assuring Sledge's mother that her son will be safe. He then reappears in the final episode where he continually consoles Sledge when the latter starts to suffer from post-traumatic disorder. He is one of the only marines featured in the series to still be alive.

Tom Hanks, one the executive producers, acts as the narrator of sequences that serve as a prelude to an episode and a source of information regarding that episode's backdrop in the grand scheme of the developments taking place in the Pacific Theater.

Minor characters[]

U.S Army Maj. Edward Sledge Jr. (Joshua Close)

Capt. Jameson (Sandy Winton)

PM3. Lewis (Brynn Loosemoore)

Sgt. Ralph Briggs (Adam Booth)

2Lt. Iseman (Neal Horton)

PFC. Cecil Evans (Ian Meadows)

PFC. William LaPointe (Samson Parsonson)

Pvt. Edward Garland (Mitch Ryan)

Cpl. John Powell (Eamon Farren)

2Lt. Lebec (Rohan Nichol)

Pfc. "Loudmouth" (Nathan Corddry)

Dr. Grant (Matt Craven)

"Captain Midnight" (Grant Cartwright)

Virginia Grey (Anna Torv)

Sgt. Crease (Nathan Lovejoy)

Lt. Charles Dunworthy (Brenden Keener)

Tom Smee (Nick Tate)


Episode No.

Title Directed by Written by Original US air date U.S. viewers

(in millions)

1 "Guadalcanal/Leckie" Tim Van Patten Bruce C. McKenna March 14, 2010 3.1
Robert Leckie and the 1st Marines land on Guadalcanal and take part in the Battle of the Tenaru.
2 "Basilone" David Nutter Bruce C. McKenna March 21, 2010 2.8
John Basilone and the 7th Marines land on Guadalcanal to bolster the defenses around Henderson Field.
3 "Melbourne" Jeremy Podeswa George Pelecanos & Michelle Ashford March 28, 2010 2.8
The 1st Marine Division on Guadalcanal is relieved and arrives in Melbourne, Australia. Basilone receives the Medal of Honor and is sent home to sell war bonds.
4 "Cape Gloucester/Pavuvu/Banika" Graham Yost Robert Schenkkan & Graham Yost April 4, 2010 2.5
Eugene Sledge enlists in the Marines and trains for combat, while Leckie and the 1st Marine Division are put into action at Cape Gloucester. Leckie is treated for noctunal enurisis.
5 "Peleliu Landing" Carl Franklin Laurence Andries & Bruce C. McKenna April 11, 2010 2.711
Sledge and Leckie land with the 1st Marine Division at Peleliu.
6 "Peleliu Airfield" Tony To Bruce C. McKenna, Laurence Andries & Robert Schenkkan April 18, 2010 2.382
The Marines move to capture Peleliu's vital airfield. Leckie is wounded by blast concussion and evacuated.
7 "Peleliu Hills" Tim Van Patten Bruce C. McKenna April 25, 2010 2.553
Sledge and the 5th Marines move into Peleliu's Bloody Nose Ridge to face the Japanese.
8 "Iwo Jima" David Nutter & Jeremy Podeswa Robert Schenkkan & Michelle Ashford May 2, 2010 2.343
Basilone is transferred to the 5th Marine Division and lands at Iwo Jima.
9 "Okinawa" Tim Van Patten Bruce C. McKenna May 9, 2010 1.805
Sledge and the 1st Marine Division land at Okinawa.
10 "Home" Jeremy Podeswa Bruce C. McKenna & Robert Schenkkan May 16, 2010

Sledge and Leckie return home after the Japanese surrender.


According to Wikipedia, the miniseries currently has an 87% rating on review aggregator Metacritic. It has an 8.8 percent rating on, and a 7.2 percentile rating on


  • IpProfiles of Leckie, Sledge, Basilone, Phillips, Burgin, Tatum, and Puller have been released.
  • The Pacifc was released about 9 years after Band of Brothers.

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