Sgt. Stone in Guadalcanal


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Second Lieutenant


Guadalcanal Campaign,
Battle of Cape Gloucester,
Battle of Peleliu



Second Lieutenant "Spearmint" Stone (first name unknown), is a marine and a relatively minor character in the series who used to command Robert Leckie's squad, and later took command of Leckies Platoon.



Sgt. Stone first appeared listening to Captain Jameson's derogatory speech. He landed on Guadalcanal in a Higgins Boat along with the rest of his regiment, expecting resistence, only to meet friendly catcalls from the 5th Marines. He later went through most of the jungle to Alligator Creek. There he participated in a very intense Japanese Assault, where he had to run around to get the men in a good position. He also witnessed with chagrin Captain Jameson being overcome with combat fatigue.


He survived the rest of Guadalcanal, and went AWOL along with the rest of the Marines at Melbourne, getting drinks, and the like. After Lieutenant Corrigan was promoted to First Lieutenant, and made Company CO, Stone got promoted to Second Lieutenant and made Leckies Platoon commander.

Cape GloucesterEdit

At Cape Gloucester, Stone is seen telling Leckie that he was no longer in How Company. He fought at the bloody Japanese assault during the campaign.


At Peleliu, Stone and the rest of the 1st Marine Division were suffering from heat waves and thirst. He witnessed Leckie go as far as take a canteen from a dead Marine. He participated in crossing the airfield. During the crossing, Stone, Leckie, a wounded Conley, another officer, and a dying radioman hide behind a wrecked Zero Fighter. The Radioman slowly dies, as he is trying to recieve help with the radio. Stone realizes that the radio is broken and tells Leckie to go get a radio, and a Corpsman to treat Conley, reassuring Leckie that he'll take care of Conley in the meantime.
Stone at Peleliu

Stone at Peleliu

Stone is not shown again after Leckie gets wounded, and his fate is left unknown.


  • Stone is based off of Lt. "Spearmint" in Leckies Memior.
  • "Spearmint" in the memoirs was described as chewing gum even into his tenure as an officer. In the series, Stone can be seen in Jameson's speech chewing gum in the background, which somewhat reinforces the above fact.

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