Steven Allen Spielberg
Steven Spielberg
Spielberg in 2010


December 18, 1946
Cincinnati, Ohio


Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter




Amy Irving (1985-1989)
Kate Capshaw (1991-Present)

Role in The Pacific

Executive Producer

Steven Spielberg is one of the executive producers of The Pacific, as well as one one of the most recognizable directors of Hollywood.


Steven Speilberg is also known for making movies such as, Saving Private Ryan, the Indiana Jones series, and Jurassic Park.

Spielberg's style of filming in many ways revolutionized the way warfare is depicted on screen. Unlike earlier war films that didn't show that much gore, Spielberg was determined to show what warfare is actually like without sparing "less pleasant" details. Since the release of Saving Private Ryan in 1998 many directors have used this technique. Even many video games owe their style and content to Spielberg.

Role In The PacificEdit

After Band of Brothers, Spielberg got messages that give him praise for depicting the paratroopers, but also ask him about if he knew what the Marines did in the war. So, he and Tom Hanks reunited once more, and The Pacific was concieved.

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