Robert "Mac" "Scotty" Mackenzie
2Lt. Mackenzie in Okinawa


Ashley Zukerman


Second Lieutenant


Battle of Okinawa


Died in 2003

2nd Lt. Robert "Mac" "Scotty" Mackenzie was a minor character who commanded Sledges Platoon, and has replaced Gunnery Sergeant, Elmo "Gunny" Haney (who was relieved after the battle of Peleliu) as Sledges Platoon leader. He is seen in Okinawa and Home.


We first see Lt. Mac on Pavuvu when Eugene Sledge and the others are in line to take a cup of juice from the Red Cross girls. When Sledge stares at the young women in awe, Mac tells him that he's "had his looksie" and to "move along," only to be met with a glare in return. He is later seen when Sledge, Snafu, and Burgin got physical with a Japanese prisoner. He threatens Sledge that if he does that again, he'll have him court-martialed. He is then seen telling the Marines not to bother the stench made by the decaying corpse and keep digging their foxholes to regulation width and depth.

Soon, a flare is seen fired ordering the Marines to return fire. Mac orders Sledge and his men to get more dry mortars, as their mortars were wet. Sometime later, he orders Sledge to spot targets for mortars. Later, after a firefight, he then barks at Sledge for not following the cease-fire order and telling Sledge that the enemy now knows their position. Sledge angrily replies "We were sent here to kill Japs, weren't we? So what the hell difference does it make what weapons we use? I'd use my goddamned hands if I had to!" stunning Mac.

Soon, he tells Sledge and the guys about the drop of "a new kind of bomb" on Hiroshima with a happy smile and tells them that there's a party with steaks and coke tonight as Sledge and his friends drive off with other Marines in a truck. Later that evening, the guys celebrate hearing that Japan has surrendered. Mac gives Sledge and the guys a bottle of wine and asks them what are they gonna do now. He only gets a thanks and when he leaves, Snafu silently says "What are we gonna do now? What an idiot."

Mac died in 2003 by unknown circumstances.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mac would always use the By-The-Book approach to problems.

In With the Old Breed Sledge describes Mac as a political officer who under different circumstances probably would not be leading Marines on the battlefield. He also does several questionable things including shooting several corpses of dead Japanese soldiers.
Older Mac

An older Mac


  • His real name was revealed in the novelized version of the pacific, which also revealed his nickname "Scotty".
  • In With the Old Breed, Mac. is described as being immature, as he tried a joke by emptying a grenade and throwing it to scare his comrades, only half of the powder was emptied, nearly wounding Sledge and himself.