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Lt. "Big-Picture" Larkin (First name unknown) was an officer in the Battle of Cape Gloucester. He is probably best known for having a particularly antagonistic relationship with Pfc. Robert Leckie


Larkin joined the marines at an unknown time, most likely as an officer. He was later part of the marines who joined the attack on Cape Gloucester and he serves as Robert Leckie's command officer during that time.


Tensions between Leckie and Larkin began when the latter stole the former's souvenier chest and pistol without him knowing. Leckie went to Larkin to get him to help him find them when Leckie finds the chest right next to Larkin in his tent. Larkin admitted to confiscating the chest for superiority reasons, but he denied to stealing the pistol, even though it was obvious that he had it. Leckie was seething for some time until he finally stole back his pistol. The enraged Larkin later confronted Leckie about the pistol. Leckie talked back by saying that Larkin can't accuse him of stealing something that Larkin denied stealing from Leckie in the first place. Larkin ignored this statement, and he transferred Leckie to officer's mess.

In Leckie's memoirs, the tension is over only the trunk. Another marine named Rutherford hands Leckie the pistol (presumedly stolen from an officer) for safe keeping before he is sent to Banika to recover from his bout with Enuresis. Leckie does scare an orderly with the pistol on Banika, however he doesn't gift it to the doctor as is isn't his to give.


In Leckie's memoirs, it is mentioned, to Leckie's relief, that Larkin had been transferred. This may explain why he is not seen again afterwards.


  • Larkin's actions suggest that he does not exactly have much respect for the enlisted men.
  • Like Pvt. Hamm, his first name is never revealed.
  • He is refered to as Lt. "Big-Picture" in Leckie's memoirs.

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