An LVT heading for Peleliu


Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) was a unique vehicle that was used alongside the Higgins Boat starting from Cape Gloucester all the way to Okinawa.

Usage By the MarinesEdit

The LVT's most notable appearences were in the Peleliu Landing, where it carried many marines, including the main characters, to the island.


The transport LVT's are shown to only have a Browing .50 and 30. cal machine gun, while the LVT(A)-1 are non-transport, fire support, versions armed with a 37 mm main gun housed in a tank turret atop the vehicle. They are better armored than their transport counterparts. An LVT(A)-1 is seen destroying a Japanese pillbox built into the coral on Peleliu shortly after Leckie lands and advances.
Peleliu Landing

LVTs landing on Peleliu