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Deseased as of 2005

Lt. Hugh "Ivy League" Corrigan was an officer in the 1st Marine Division. He appears prominently in Robert Leckie's storyline


Corrigan graduated from Dartmouth College (hence the nickname "Ivy League") and joined the marines at some point, becoming the commanding officer of Leckie's unit.


Corrigan was part of the Marines who fought in Guadalcanal.

Battle of the TenaruEdit

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2Lt. Corrigan in Guadalcanal

He first served as Leckie's platoon leader when they arrived on the island. During the Tenaru river he took over the company after the CO Capt. Jameson suffered "combat fatigue". He proved himself in battle and through his calm leadership has managed to turn back the Japanese attack. Corrigan later promotes Lew "Chuckler" Juergens to Corporal, even though Robert Leckie did similarly well in combat, causing Leckie to develop a dislike for him.

Later in GuadalcanalEdit

After Leckie and his friends steal from an Army camp, Corrigan warns Leckie not to walk around wearing a pair of an Army Captain's stolen moccassins and "...smoke any cigars you might not have" In which Leckie replies ; "..Or drinking hooch you might not have" after Corrigan drives away his jeep laden with stolen merchandise including several bottles of Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch. He is later seen giving Leckie's team a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes, a luxury that was previously only given to the officers. 


Corrigan is later seen being the new Company commander with Sgt. Stone taking over his former position. He is seen dismissing his hungover company from formation after one of the members fell face forward. After that incident he and his company watched the Medal of Honor ceremony for John Basilone. Soon after they began training starting from a hike from the outskirts back to Melbourne. Some time later, Chuckler gives a drunken Robert Leckie guard duty. Unfortunately, Corrigan just happened to have been walking along, and Leckie, out of drunkeness and dislike towards the officer, assaulted him with a pistol. This leads to both Leckie and Chuckler going to the brig for the night, and to Corrigan transferring Leckie to intelligence.


Corrigan served in Okinawa, this time promoted to Captain, however, these events, as well as his participation in the battle, is entirely offscreen since Robert Leckie was absent for a while after Peleliu.

After the WarEdit

Corrigan married in 1944 while stationed in the U.S. He lived with his wife in Ithaca, NY, until his death in 2005.
The real Hugh Corrigan

The real Hugh Corrigan


  • Corrigan is not seen outside of Leckie's storyline
  • He and Leckie both dislike each other. However Corrigan respects Leckie's ability as a Marine.

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