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Pvt. Hamm (first name unknown) was a replacement in Eugene Sledge's unit along with Tony Peck in the Battle of Okinawa



Hamm first appeared in Okinawa as a replacement along with Tony Peck. Although he doesn't get as much abuse as Peck, he is cetainly much more pessimistic about things, such as the veterans and their treatment of replacements.

Hamm also had a slightly antagonistic relationship with Pfc. Merriel "Snafu" Shelton, a Peleliu veteran. While Snafu would give him the usual treatment of replacements, Hamm was rather cold and indignant about it.

Hamm's personality was further fleshed out when an Okinawan boy was killed. Hamm persists that the boy did not deserve it while the veterans persist that he could have been working for the "Japs", which angered Hamm.


Eventually, fellow Marine Peck would be his downfall, as the former tried to goad some distant Japanese soldiers to shoot him. Hamm, Sledge, and Snafu went over to save him. They did, but just as Hamm turned around, he himself is killed by the barrage of bullets, which traumatizes Snafu and angers Sledge, who is stopped by Snafu before hurting Peck


  • Hamm is the lowest ranking marine killed in action.
  • Hamm's first name was never revealed.
  • He and Peck are the only marines to have a rank of Private.
  • Hamm is the only one in Sledge's squad to be killed in action on Okinawa
  • Hamm was his nickname because he ate so much rationed meat on Okinawa

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