Crease, dissapionted at Sledge's aim.


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Sergeant Crease is a training Sergeant at Camp Elliott.


Crease was first seen in Part Four yelling at Eugene Sledge to get a mortar round ready. Sledge fires his 60mm Mortar, but hits the wrong dummies. Crease is disappionted, and cusses. He then berates Sledge.

"What happened Sledge, you found out Bob was drillin' yer girlfriend, or Dave wouldn't give more handjobs, what was it?!" he says, indicating to the destroyed dummies.

Sledge says he thought he told him to fire there. Crease gets even angrier, saying if he thinks he heard it, then to yell it, scream it if he has to, and points out that he killed his best friends for that, while two other dummies named, Tojo and Fuckface continue to hose the line. He tells them they are Marines now, not recruits. If they are given an order, they are allowed to ask. "Ya here me Sledge?" he adds. "Yes Sergeant!" says a sheepish Sledge. Crease then tells them to do it again.

As he is a training Sergeant, he most likely did not go to war. In any case, however, he is not seen after his initial appearence.


  • Crease is based off of Sledges Mortar instructor at Camp Elliott in Sledges memoir, however, the instructor in the book was at least somewhat more condescending than Crease.

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