PFC. Robert Leckie with a 45

Leckie with a 45

The Colt 45 is a semi-automatic pistol that can hold 8 rounds (7 in the magazine and an extra one in the chamber). It is one of the 3 main side-arms used by the United States during world war 2, other being the M1917 Revolver and the Smith & Wesson "Victory" Revolver. Though only the Colt 45 and the M1917 Revolver were featured.

Usage by the MarinesEdit

GySgt. John Basilone and Pfc. Robert Leckie are the only main characters seen to use this weapon. Basilone uses it in a night encounter with the Japanese in Guadalcanal while Leckie is seen using it after the Battle of the Tenaru River. Other characters are seen using it, such as Lebec, when he commited suicide, and J.P Morgan, when he was firing from a trench in Part Two.

It is seen being aimed around dangerously by a 2nd Lieutenant with poor trigger discipline. After Gunnery Sergeant Elmo Haney notices it, he throws some ammunition at the Lieutenant before taking the weapon from him and unloading it. Haney then orders the Lieutenant to keep his weapon pointed downrange, threatening to "shove it up his sorry f**king a*s" if the Lieutenant would make this mistake again.

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