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The logo of the 7th Marines.

The 7th Marine Regiment is a Regiment in the 1st Marine Division


It was first activated in 1917, before being deactivated in 1919. It was then reactivated in 1933, before being deactivated in 1934. It was then reactivated in 1941 for World War II in the 1st Marine Division. It would serve Sergeant John Basilone's origional unit. It would fight at Guadalcanal, to Cape Gloucester, to Peleliu. At Peleliu, it was nearly as damaged as the 1st Marine Regiment. It would then fight at Okinawa, and later served in the occupation of China, before being deactivated in 1947. It was then reactivated in 1950, and would fight in the Korean War, to the Vietnam War, to Operation Desert Storm or the Gulf War, to Operation Iraqi Freedom, or the Iraq War, to Operation Enduring Freedom, or the Afghan War. It is currently fighting in Afghanistan.

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